our Commitments

These core commitments undergird everything we do at HighView. These deep-rooted values shape and inform our disciple-making strategy and serve as guidelines that directly influence what we do and choose not to do as a church.

1. Gospel-Centeredness - We are shaped and informed by the gospel.

2. Authority of the Bible - We are ruled by God's word in all things.

3. Expositional Preaching - We read the Bible, explain the Bible, and apply the Bible.

4. Christ-Exalting Worship - We gather together to make much of Jesus.

5. Covenantal Community - We are a family of faith, fully committed to one another.

6. Equipping the Saints - We train and empower disciples for ministry.

7. Missional Multiplication - We are sent to share the gospel and plant churches.

8. Loving Our Community - We live intentionally for the good of our neighbor.

9. Joyful Generosity - We love to give our time, talents, and treasures.

10. Excellence in all things - We aim to glorify God with everything we do.