Where do I start making disciples?

This is the number one question we get about discipleship: Where do I start? Who do I meet up with? What should we read? How can I know I'm learning the right things?

These are all great questions and ones that we have asked ourselves. This is why we want to provide a list of resources that can help you to know where to begin and how to grow. In our Make disciples initiative, we emphasize FIVE areas of focus. These are things that every disciple of Jesus should be thinking about, and growing deeper in. These 5 areas are:
  • Theology
  • Biblical Studies
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Biblical Worldview
  • The Church on Mission
Below, you will find a guide to resources that we at HighView Church think will help you grow in these areas of discipleship. But you don't have to grow alone. Grab a book and a 2-3 other brothers and sisters and begin digging deeper together.

Biblical Theology

Nick Roark & Robert Cline • Introductory

What is the Gospel?

Greg Gilbert • Introductory

Christian Beliefs

Wayne Grudem • Introductory

What is Biblical Theology?

James M. Hamilton Jr. • Intermediate

Salvation Belongs to the Lord

John Frame • Intermediate

Systematic Theology

John Frame • Advanced

Systematic Theology

Wayne Grudem • Advanced