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There are three steps to becoming a covenant member of HighView Church:



Membership Classes consist of two sessions. These sessions can be done with an individual or with a group and are scheduled on an ‘as needed’ basis. At these classes, you will learn about our doctrine, leadership structure, ministry focus, baptism and church covenant.

To sign up for a class, talk to someone at the Connections Table in the lobby or use the following link to signup online: Knowing HighView Class

Click on the link to download the Knowing HighView Booklet



After attending the membership classes, the next step to church membership is the pastoral consultation. This is a meeting with 2 elders of HighView and it serves as a great way for the prospective members to share any concerns or ask any questions of the elders before joining the church.



The final step for membership at HighView Church is congregational affirmation. This occurs at our membership meetings which we refer to as Church in Conference. At these meetings the elders reccomend prospective members for membership and the current church members vote to affirm the new members. For prospective members attendance at this Church in Conference is not mandatory.